Writing Erotica - Come Get It!

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Greedy Reads, 1744 Aliceanna Street, Baltimore

Erotica. Some say it is the dirty side of literature without redeeming value that no serious author would engage in. But many time-honored literary works fall into the category of sensual and/or sexual writing. The Bible’s Song Of Solomon. Molly Bloom’s closing soliloquy in James Joyce’s Ulysses. The historically iconic John Cleland’s Fanny Hill. Poetry by Rumi, Audre Lorde and John Donne. Writing that examines the pleasures, the mechanics, and the emotional impact of sex have always existed in literature – though some say the most famous examples of modern-day erotica aren’t necessarily well-written. But how does one write about sex in a way that isn’t awkward and awful? From carefully selecting your words and skillfully crafting your phrases and metaphors to finding the writing voice that conveys what you want to deliver to your reader, there is a special kind of wordsmithing that makes erotica happen successfully.

This workshop will examine the history of erotic writing, spotlighting a few iconic works, with a lot of focus on creative uses of language and storytelling devices. We would discuss how writers find that “sweet spot” in their writing that touches on the sexual/sensual elements in exactly the manner they intend. Whether you are an experienced writer or a first-time erotica writer looking to stretch your writing muscles, the workshop will inform, engage, and will be a lot of fun!